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Arkatron sphera inside the pyramid.

Reprint from

Los Angeles Free Press

Volume 13, No. 8 (605) Feb. 20-26, 1975

Freely hanging from the acoustic paneled ceiling are aluminum

alloy tubes joined together to form various sized replicas of

the Great Pyramid in Egypt.

This is the Van Nuys office of designer Nick Edwardswho speaks of rediscovered knowledge from the past that can be used to create new experiences and greater awareness in the present. “What I say is going to happen - if it hasn’t happened already. Pyramids will be talked about more than sharks, Cher and the Kennedy assassination put together”, he said like an emissary of a former time.

A skeptic asks, “Why the pyramid shape, and what is this secret energy within it that can alter the present and future of man?” With care for his words, Edwards replies, “We’re kind of like Edison was before the turn of the century with electricity. He didn’t understand it, but he said, ‘Look, you can light up houses and cities with light bulbs without dangerously catching everything on fire.’ We don’t know what magnetism is; we don’t know what electricity is; we don’t know what light is. Yet we still use them.

“We have a geometric shape that’s distinctive. By duplicating this shape and aligning it to a north-south axis in which the earth’s magnetic field falls through it, it will trap, resonate or generate this pyramid-type of energy. It has rejuvenation effects to living things and preservation effects to nonliving things. It seems to alter just about everything. Bible will never lie”

Excerpted from Nick's Upcoming New Book



After years of perfecting his various pyramid and pyramid system designs, Nick Edwards had the inspiration for a new creation that catapulted his work a quantum leap forward; he called it ‘the Arcatron’.

Its appearance seems elemental enough - six interpenetrating circles intersected by jewel-like connectors, forming the overall impression of a self-contained sphere or universe - or even an atom with its orbiting electrons, perhaps - suspended in space. At one and the same time it imparts the sense of being in dynamic motion and yet utterly still.

Wherever it is placed, wherever one happens to find it, it effortlessly becomes the center, the fulcrum and focal point of its surroundings - a striking and charismatic creation.

Whether or not the Arcatron as we now have it is in fact an exact replica of the fabled Ark of the Covenant of Biblical days, as Nick Edwards asserts, we shall probably never know - facts are few and historical support is slim. But what we can know, if we care to, is that it may very well be an intriguing transformative tool. One has only to invest the time and energy to make an authentic effort towards testing its promise.

At the very least, even without any confirmation of its historicity, the Arcatron offers an invitation to spiritual experiment; it invites exploration. Without knowing quite why, one has the strong impression that it is a portal of some kind - but to just what?- an inner dimension, perhaps, or a unique type of energy.


For my part, I can confirm that the moment I opened the container of assembled titanium arcs and took one of them in my hand, I felt, within a few short seconds, their energetic potential. Because of my past experience with pyramids, I had not expected to sense energy of force of any kind prior to the complete assembly of the unit. But, quite unexpectedly, I found that, almost instantaneously, what subjectively felt to me like a subtle cool, blue energy-field infused the hand that held the arc.

This seemed counterintuitive to me - since I was imagining that the power of the Arkatron - if indeed it possessed any power - would become obvious when its structural unity and spatial integrity were complete, and not before. How could a single piece produce such a refreshing radiance? I didn’t understand.

It took Nick Edwards to begin to open my mind to the possibilities - that the infrastructural units that would comprise the Arkatron could possess independent energy fields - in this case - as a result of the tension stored in their torqued contours - rather like the propulsive energy potential we feel when we draw a strong bow to its maximum stretch in preparation for shooting an arrow.

Again, perhaps no one is in a position to technically verify this explanation; yet, upon repeated experiment with the Arkatron, the phenomenon described here continues to be this writer’s daily experience.


Most sources make a distinction between ‘ark’ and ‘arc’, as follows:

Arc - Geometry - any unbroken part of the circumference of a circle or other curved line.

Origin:1350-1400; Middle English ark < Latin arcus bow, arch, curve

And as for ‘ark” -

The vessel that Noah built and in which he saved himself, his family, and a number of animals and birds during the Flood (Genesis 6--9) 2. dialect a chest, box, or coffer

Origin [Old English arc, from Latin arca - box, chest

Nick Edwards takes a different view, one which questions the accuracy of the interpretation that says the Ark of the Covenant was a box-like container of some sort. He insists that the container was merely that, and that its mysterious contents constituted to true Ark - or, in his view - Arc-of the Covenant.

While this flies against everything from accepted Biblical history to hallowed popular mythology (in the form of such tales as Raiders of the Lost Ark) Edwards is convinced that the true Ark/Arc of the Covenant was nothing less than the sacred sphere that lay stored - as a set of identically curved arcs - within the chest in question.

We shall probably never know for sure - but true or not, there is something mysterious and intriguing at work in what - some twenty centuries after the fact - Edwards has chosen to call the Arkatron.

On the meanings of ‘Ark/arc’ we have some idea - but as to the meaning of ‘tron’, we are told:

“. . .of devices for accelerating subatomic particles ( cosmotron; cyclotron ); also, more generally, in the names of any kind of chamber or apparatus used in experiments ( biotron ).”

Putting together, then, the meanings of its component roots, we find that ‘Arkatron’ means: a spherical structure for the acceleration of some kind of energy particles or waves.

So, one may wonder, does it live up to its title?

To this writer - the answer is in the affirmative -; for, history and mythology aside, properly assembled, the Arkatron of Nick Edwards shows itself to possess a palpable energetic - even psycho-dynamic presence which can be reliably had - quite apart from imagination and fantasy - on a consistent basis by those who are ready to experience it.

Like almost all other things subtle and delicate - such as soft music or a gentle breeze - the vibration emanating from the Arkatron may be easily eclipsed or overridden by coarser, heavier frequencies: it’s difficult or even impossible to feel a spiderweb with heavily calloused fingers, and it’s equally difficult to hear the ethereal sound of a harp when a tuba is shaking the rafters.


The Arkatron can best be sensed when we come to it in stillness, with a watchful expectancy; this does not mean, however, that the experience is at all imaginary or fanciful; the Arkatron has a clear, consistent ‘feel’ to it, and it elicits very definite responses in the nervous system and energy-grid of the user. For those familiar with the energy anatomy of the yogic or Taoist systems, it can best be described as a very serene enlivening of the chakras - or energy centers - a series of ascending vortexes, from the perineum to the crown - with increasingly more refined frequencies, from bottom to top.

DiEnTra system in recharging mode.

Massage, Healing energy treatment, rejuvenation. Massage and body work for restore balance and harmony of body, mind and soul.


Speaking or writing about such uncharted territory inevitably brings the challenge of interfacing one’s own personal - or empirical - experiences with more objective, ostensibly ‘scientific’ realities the world agrees upon as real; and, just as inevitably, those who doubt will doubt, and those who believe will 

believe. So be it; the fact is, virtually each and every time this writer comes into contact with the Arkatron, certain phenomena - distinct and unique inner events - begin to occur.

Speaking personally, one feels, within a relatively short period of time - often seconds -- an unmistakable enlivening of the classic life-energy vortex-sites along the cerebro-spinal pathway - from top to bottom - or perhaps I should say, from bottom to top: the perineum, sacrum, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown centers. The sensation is one of enlivening, of a soft, subtle, high-vibratory stimulation - an etheric infusion which, due to its impact upon one’s pre-existing energy grid, can be felt as comforting or challenging.


A crucial but subtle insight at this stage is to realize that our attention will be naturally drawn to the center or centers which have been receiving our conscious or unconscious focus throughout our lives prior to our encounter with the Arkatron; a person whose life-force have been largely given to the cognitive will probably be convinced that the Arkatron field is most intensively enlivening his upper centers - crown and mid-brow It may appear to have a clarity-producing effect similar to that of meditation, but occurring with little or no conscious effort on our part.

Similarly, if one’s awareness is anchored at the level of the emotions to the exclusion of other levels, one will sense its effect there as a welcome serenity in one’s feeling nature, and experience major solar plexus and heart activity. One’s feeling life will seem spontaneously magnified,

If one’s awareness is mainly focused at the physical level, one will sense a heightened kinesthetic aliveness throughout one’s body, and perhaps, the accumulation of force and a palpable drawing sensation in the perineum or root chakra - as if a muscle were involuntarily contracting - but, despite its proximity to the generative organs, not at all sexual in nature.

However, the truth is, the Arkatron’s field is not confined to this or that perceived center, but is playing upon the full spectral pathway of our being from crown to sole, even beyond our own personal impressions of the matter. In other words, we are in the presence of a total - or systemic - phenomenon.


The longer one remains in the Arkatron-presence the more palpable the sensation becomes, until, if one observes the phenomenon carefully, one may notice a distinct ‘neurological threshold’ beyond which one begins to feel one’s system feeling increasingly restless or reactive. This is a wise juncture at which to pause and bring one’s tryst with the Arkatron to a closure. The issue is not so much one of danger, but rather of over-sensitizing a system which is simply not able to process further vibrational challenge, and which would, to generalize from personal experience, create a temporary state of heightened psychophysical vulnerability to the world at large.

In such a condition, the presence of even ordinary sounds, sights and persons may be experienced as invasive or jarring, and so create stress.

And if one’s focus is purely on the spiritual level - again, to the exclusion of body, mind and emotions - then one will experience an psychic ‘effervescence’ or headiness, as if under the effect of a very light and uplifting champagne. One’s awareness will begin to become superfine and smooth.

These are not promises, but rather likelihoods, for each to explore according to his or her unique makeup.

I can’t confess to having had the singular type of experience Nick Edwards describes, in which he senses angelic presences in and about the vicinity of the Arkatron; perhaps this is an experience unique to him, a result of his childhood trauma, which triggered a deep and extended altered state in which he was gifted, for a season, with what might be called ‘etheric vision’ - and the ability to see auras and subtle beings.


My own view is that we tend to ‘get what we are’ - and to experience those aspects of existence which resonate our own dynamics. In this sense, perhaps each person who interacts with the Arkatron will undergo a completely unique experience.


The Arkatron is best suspended from above, hanging freely in space; but it can also be positioned on a flat surface, with one of its triangular segments serving as its fulcrum, and secured to the surface by drilling three pairs of holes, enabling each of the three fulcrum-arcs to be tied or wired down.

Nothing should be placed within or upon the Arkatron, as the disequilibrium created could compromise the stability of the arc rod connectors, causing them to detach and possibly fall, with the danger of breakage.


The Arkatron is a unique tool that may be attractive to - but is definitely not advisable for - everyone; Nick Edwards is quite emphatic on the point that this 21st century envisioning of the fabled Biblical Ark of the Covenant comes endowed with a will - even a sometimes mischievous spirit- of its own, Indeed, Edwards frequently refers to his perception of a plurality of spirits that consort-and sometimes cavort -- within its inner-dimensional space. He is also quite adamant as to the fact that the Arkatron needs to be in the hands of a facilitator of at least equal or greater spiritual will to successfully guide the exuberant forces at play within it to a successful and positive outcome.

Nick Edwards has, at various times, attributed his ability to see or sense spirits to a childhood fall from a tree full upon his head, causing a coma lasting several days, during which he was awakened to the reality of subtle etheric and astral dimensions interpenetrating the physical universe. But whether we are able to see them or not, their presence may nonetheless be sensed, or at the very least trusted, and they may still be verbally, intuitively addressed.

He frequently likens these highly volatile indwelling entities to the whimsical, playful, sometimes even prankish antics of well-meaning youngsters possessed by the impulse to test, tease and challenge their supposed overseer. Like the proverbial tale of the bottle imp, we see the possibility that the Arkatron, once freely invited into our lives, can become an unselectively challenging catalyst for inner transformation - that is, if we elect to open ourselves to it.

If not, it may continue to appear to us as little more than a beguilingly elegant structural creation worthy of display in some attractive setting, and left to fend for itself. But this would hardly do justice to the purpose for which Nick Edwards created the Arkatron..

In his quest for contemporary transformational tools, he moved on from pyramidal forms to a form which he described as “the squaring of the pyramid”, whose dimensions he divined from a close analysis of ratios found in the Bible.

Edwards is not shy about sharing what he regards the source of the Arkatron’s magic to be: “These are the same beings that are referred to in the Bible as the archangels - who have command over different regions of the universe.”

Archangels are found in a number of religious traditions, including Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The term "archangel" appears only twice in the Bible: in Jude 1:9, where it is applied to Michael, and in 1 Thessalonians 4:16, where it is used generically. The archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael are venerated in the Roman Catholic Church, with their respective feast days.

More esoteric spiritual traditions teach that what human beings deem to be ‘angels’ are really closer to intelligences whose role it is to implement control of creative forces at various levels of manifestation

Edwards continues, “They are waiting - even eager - for you to give them commands so they can take action and carry out wishes on your behalf; this is their highest purpose, and they have no greater delight than to fulfill those commands.”

These are admittedly provocative words and ideas - rather than the tedium of a mechanical, purposeless creation with no special consideration for its human components, Edwards puts forth the vision of a universe inhabited by hierarchies of beings - call them angels, archangels or the brotherhood of spirits, who are - and always have been - dedicated to the upliftment and fulfillment of human evolution.


“But this is not about some wimpy religious kind of sentiment - where you’re hoping and praying, ‘Oh, if it’s your will, Lord, let me have this or that.’ Not at all! It’s not petitioning God or some higher being to receive the answer to your prayer if you’re deserving, or if it happens to be the will of God or that higher being. That would be completely the wrong attitude to take when using the Arkatron. No, you’ve got to be positive and forceful, like the leader of a great army or nation; Moses was no wimp, he was not a pussycat. He spent 40 years in the desert in search of the Promised Land, he met God face to face on Mount Sinai, and he singlehandedly led his people out of Egypt, commanded the Red Sea to part for their escape, and boldly fulfilled his mission by bringing them to that Promised Land, with all of his powers intact right up to his death at the age of 120. How far do you think he - or the Jewish people - would have gotten if he just hunkered down in the dark in a temple somewhere and moaned, ‘Oh, God - I don’t know what to do - please save me and my people! I can’t do anything of myself, I’m just a poor, helpless human!’ Help me!’? That would have been the end of it right there - he and the Jews would have been dead in the water. This is the attitude to take when working with the Arkatron: you’re a leader, a commander - and your job is to lead and to command! Be bold, be forceful, and issue those commands with power and authority, just as Moses did to his people, or to the Red Sea! Anything short of this is an invitation to weakness, doubt and failure; you’ve got to stand up and declare exactly what you want, and when, with complete conviction - conviction that doesn’t even have the hint of a possibility of any other outcome but what is desired, with no possibility of failure. It’s like General Patton in the Second World War; he took the initiative, he forged ahead even when everyone else was saying there was no avenue, no way, to do what he wanted to do. While everyone else was convinced the American Army had to hunker down and come to a stand-off, Patton was already finding ways, moving his forces over terrain and through conditions that military tacticians said were impossible. You must be like that. When the government puts a general in charge of an army, they don’t want someone who’s going to come whimpering back and say, ‘What should I do?’ They want somebody who’s going to take charge and fulfill their commission. The Arkatron angels need to see the same attitude; they’re not going to be appeased by pleas or begging; they want to be directed, commanded and dispatched, and they need to feel the irreversible intent of the commander. They need to feel your absolute resolve, your complete commitment to the goal, with no option for retreat. It’s like the saying in the car sales business, ‘Whoever says the last word loses.’ What this means is that, when you’re trying to bring a sale to a close, and you’ve made your case clear to the prospective buyer, there’s a moment when you put the ball in the customer’s hands by saying, ‘So, will you be buying the car today?’ At that point, there is a moment of mutual silence, in which the onus is on the customer’s shoulders to respond accordingly. If at that critical moment, the salesman says anything - anything at all - such as, ‘Well, you know, today would be a good day to buy the car because. . .” or, ‘Just think of all the wonderful things you could do if. . .’ - it doesn’t matter what he says - if he says anything like this or anything at all, he’s lost the sale, because he has introduced a note of doubt, of uncertainty, or of hoping. He’s put the power back into the customer’s hands, which the customer will then either consciously or unconsciously realize as putting him back in the driver’s seat, and cause him to rethink the entire process, and very possibly either hesitate, delay or cancel the commitment to buy. People have a very skewed idea of what needs to happen for manifestation to take place - it’s a process in which taking back your power, taking initiative and unashamedly taking dominion over conditions and exercising authority over them, as well as the people - or in this case - the entities, responsible for getting the job done - again, just as a political or military leader must do if he’s going to have any hope of success. Bible will never lie. Human beings have wallowed for too long in fear of taking responsibility for their world and the forces in it. But if they don’t, by default they’re inviting someone else somewhere else to do it for them. And when that happens, you have put yourself in a dependency - or even a victim - mode. Take charge of your life!”


Nick Edwards - the pyramid man.

Approach the Arkatron with a spirit of authority, with the certainty of what you want to occur and the assurance that you have every right to want - and to have - it. Maintain a benign but firm presence before the Arkatron angels - they are there for you and not you for them. Remember, an angel is a being that has never been in human embodiment, and which may at times seem -- but is not in fact senior to the human level, but rather only a spiritual being of an altogether different configuration, which is therefore at a disadvantage in truly understanding the special challenges and graces that come with the human condition.

In a sense, it is easy for angelic beings to manifest spiritual purity and refinement - this is all they know or have ever known. They have never had to wrestle with the burdens and confinements of physical bodies, with sensual appetites and desires, with independent personalities and ego-structures, and with - for better or worse - the daunting consequences of having and exercising free will - of making true choices.

While these choices can often result in highly challenging, stressful and even harmful experiences at the human level, they also accelerate the spiritual evolution - the learning curve - of those who make them far more quickly than the evolution of beings who exist in a realm essentially without choice, due to the fact that their will has, from the beginning, been endowed by and fused with the will of Spirit or Source consciousness.

In short, the challenge and potential triumph of becoming a human being is not the almost predetermined bliss which the angels automatically enjoy, but the quiet exaltation of manifesting the divinity of the Source while at the same time living self-determined and fully individuated lives - a much riskier but ultimately far more rewarding dance through time and space.

Angels, then, have no proper will of their own, but are charged to execute the will of the Divine, and of all and any worthy desires which are worthy, good and helpful. As exalted and magical as the angels may seem, they harbor as one of their major life-purposes the goal of aiding and abetting all forms of evolutionary human endeavor.


The Kahunas of ancient Hawaii saw the human spiritual anatomy as threefold in nature - the divine overself, the animal or instinctual underself, and inbetween them, the human personal self which we call ‘I’. In order for there to be successful manifestation they believed that these three ‘selves’ of us had to be aligned, polarized in the same direction - toward the same goal, and free of conscious or unconscious resistance to the blessings they were seeking. 

A common example of such subconscious resistance is found among those who grew up in the Catholic faith during its severest era, and who became conditioned into a sense of grave doubt about their personal worthiness. Many such individuals were emotionally imprinted with fears of a judgmental and tyrannical God, and even after having rejected such belief-systems as adults, have found themselves conflicted about whether or not they truly deserve the good things of life.

Just as the random molecules in a piece of metal have no power to attract until they are aligned and polarized by a magnetic field, so too is the human system incapable of attracting - and holding - what it seeks until it too is aligned and polarized.

The three levels of our being may be conceived of as 1) instinctual feeling at the level of the lower self, 2) conscious thought at the level of t middle - or human - self, and 3) superconscious awareness or intuition at the high level of the high self.

Therefore, we can say that - when thought, feeling and awareness are in alignment, creation naturally and spontaneously occurs.

After approaching the Arkatron with clear purpose, position yourself standing 6 to 8 inches before it. With the middle fingers of both hands, firmly tap two matching arcs on both sides 13 times and feel for the return vibrations as they cycle back through the elipses into your fingers again. This serves as a ‘wake up call’ of sorts for the intelligences working through the Arkatron.

Insure that you will be alone and undisturbed during your ritual. Leaving all other thoughts aside for the moment, focus clearly and deeply on the wish, need or desire which is most keenly felt at this juncture in your journey; allow your full awareness to be immersed in this and this alone, as if it were, indeed, the only thing before you.

In a no-nonsense tone of authority and certainty, address the intelligences of the Arkatron in some such words as: “I need this much income (specify an amount consistent with your level of faith) -and I need it NOW! Not next week, not tomorrow - but NOW! I live in an abundant universe and deserve all the fruits that life has to offer. Now GO! - and fulfill my command immediately! DO IT!!”

The normally soft-spoken Edwards swears he has repeatedly reaped the rewards of such a direct, forceful commands to the Arkatron angels - in his finances, his relationships, and other areas of his life. He hastens to admonish that, if we don’t take dominion over them, their natural restlessness will prevail, and they will tend to take matters into their own hands.

It is important to remember that this is not a request, a petition, a “pretty please” plea or a pious prayer - nor is it an if/maybe proposition; this is a standing order, a general sending his army into action, a Moses laying the lowdown to the Red, Sea, a Jesus blowing evil spirits out of the water during a healing, an verbal “offer that can’t be refused”. Bible will never lie.

Finally, maintain your ‘attitude’ right through to the finish of your ‘ceremony’ - allowing yourself to be neither guilty or apologetic for your bold behavior, convinced that you are fulfilling your right and duty as a human being, to ‘exercise dominion’ over your world without, however, overtly seeking to dominate anyone or anything.

As Neville Goddard, a great teacher of manifestation repeatedly said, “You are either impressing - or being impressed by - everything and everyone in your


Good journey!


During a tour of the house, I invited a longtime friend - an overworked elementary school teacher - to spend a few minutes with the Arkatron during a social visit, leaving him alone in the upstairs bedroom where it hung while the rest of his large family came back downstairs to visit. When I left, closing the door behind me, he was facing the globe, with both hands outstretched and head bent far down, clutching one of its many arcs.

He must have spent ten minutes alone before reappearin downstairs, visibly surprised, while his family plied him with questions such as, “Did you feel anything?”

He shook his head in seeming disbelief, eyes wide and mouth in an intrigued smile, and said, “Yeah - boy, I think I need something like that! If I could only do do that for half an hour a day!”

P.S. If you have any specific questions about any medical matter you should consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider. If you think you may be suffering from any medical condition you should seek immediate medical attention. You should never delay seeking medical advice, disregard medical advice, or discontinue medical treatment because of information on this website.

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