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Weed and Spiritual health

Some have seen marijuana as a gateway drug. For many of us, it can be, but not in the way we may think: It can be a gateway to awakened living when used wisely. In a way that is much safer and more effective than alcohol, tobacco or excess food use, it helps us relax and tune into our true power. Offered here are some ideas you may enjoy experimenting with.
  • Conscious use of marijuana is about connecting more powerfully with other people and with your deeper self rather than escaping. (And you may look at this a little differently if you are using it to manage physical pain.)
  • Maybe a significant key to the most productive use of marijuana is using it moderately. More is not necessarily better. Consider playing with this for a week or three: cutting use by 25-50% at the end of each week and noticing how your life is going and what you are getting done. If the amount you smoke leaves you unable to deal with the responsibilities of life, maybe it’s time to cut down for productivity. You’ll may be better able to handle any emergency situations, too.
  • We all have our unique wiring. And marijuana is not for everybody. If you use it just to fit in with a group or as a way to numb yourself from life, maybe those are not worthy reasons.
  • Exercise prudence before driving or doing anything that requires your full attention if you have partaken. If you are going out with a group, consider having a designated driver who has not used.
  • Except in some situations for pain management, consider taking a day or two each week without using it at all, especially if you are an “addictive type.”
  • Trust inner guidance, in general, in the management of your life, in the choices you make.

For more ideas on spiritually awakening yourself, see the blog and Next Steps at SimpleAwakeningTools.com

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