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DiEnTra Sysytem INC.

4182 Misty Hollow Moorpark CA 93021 US

DiEnTra System

Spiritual Freedom - Ultimate Power

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If you can change yourself for better, you could change the World for good. The Harmony of the Universe starts with in your mind.

Though limiting factors can be a burden, they can also give you a solid, predictable framework in which to operate. What might at first seem to be an obstacle could end up providing valuable support.

For example, the force of gravity makes it difficult to move a large, massive rock. Yet that same force will also ensure that the rock stays in place once you get it where you want it.

Playing by the rules and adhering to a strictly defined discipline makes achievement more difficult. Yet it also plays an essential role in making achievement possible.

No situation is inherently limiting. Because you have the ability to adjust and adapt and make positive use of whatever factors may be present.

A massive brick wall can stop you cold, or it can provide you with a solid foundation upon which to build. It all depends on what you choose to do with what you encounter.

Rather than judging something to be a limiting factor, do the work to make it an enabling factor. Make reality your friend by making positive use of it.

— Ralph Marston —

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My dear friends!

Over a years of doing my own research as well as my personal experiences working with people, I have discovered the amazing and astonishing secret of the human body – the ability to absorb and use The Power of Divine Energy of the Universe to heal and rejuvenate itself.

In addition, I have learned that the Pyramids, and devices like an Arkotron and Parabolic Mirrors amplify and direct the Divine Energy into the body, helping millions to find harmony, health wealth, spiritual joy and happiness in life.

Nick Edwards activates Tesla coil inside DiEnTra system

Charging pyramid & Arkatron

Combining ancient wisdom with modern technology, pyramids are a simple, yet profound tool for channeling life force energy directly from the zero point fields.

The DiEnTra system that I have created, has been activated by Nick Edwards, charging the pyramid and Arkatron with a Tesla coil. This energy is the fabric of the Universe, or the ground state of your quantum mechanics.

This ‘Divine Energy’ has only recently been accepted by the global science community.

I am proud to be the one, who can bring this amazing discovery to you. I am committed to helping people experience amazing results by providing them the opportunity to experience new technology and the Great Wisdom of our ancestors

The DiEnTra system - key to Harmony and Balance with the Universe.

I have provided this service for my community for over two decades, and as a result, I have developed excellent interpersonal skills, the ability to work effectively with all age groups, and have acquired a wealth of knowledge about human behavior.

My approach in life coaching and spiritual counseling is based on science and knowledge, supported by my extensive educational back ground.

My mission is to bring this simple knowledge to as many people as I can.

I hope my personal, long time experience of working with people will meet your expectation.

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Call 805 – 990-3078

Master Vlad

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