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Dear Friends!
I would like to invite you all to experience my journey with the Universe ...
Spiritual journey with Divine Power of the Universe. DiEnTra System, healing energy treatment.
Simply, close your eyes, and open your mind and heart to the most incredible source of  energy - the Divine Energy of the Universe. You will feel it with every cells in your body.
You will feel the Ultimate Harmony and Peace in your Body, Mind and Soul.
You will become indestructible.

 Welcome to a new dimension of being! 
Welcome to Heaven of Harmony!
My life is blessing with so much Abundance, so much Prosperity, so much Success.
I am blessed with tremendous prosperity and I lived a life of Moderation, Discipline and Spirituality.
I am healthy and very happy. I am enjoying every moment of my life.
May every person, every being be blessed with good health, happiness, prosperity and spirituality with thanks and in full faith. So be it. 

Let the Divine Energy of the Universe always be on your side.

Spiritual journey with Divine Power of the Universe. DiEnTra System, healing energy treatment.Massage

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Nick Edwards Arkatron & DiEnTra system charged by Tesla coil
Free Cosmic divine energy is around us. Feel Divine Energy of the Universe.
Eighth Temple Degree
Universal Soul and the Human Soul
Divine Consciousness and Self Consciousness
Spiritual Evolution of Humans
Mastery of Karma
Reincarnation of the Soul
Memory of Past Incarnations
The Mystery of Birth and Death
Help to the Dying, Before and After Death
Ninth Temple Degree
Macrocosm and MicrocosmSecond Temple Degree
Cosmic Consciousness
Our Objective and Subjective Consciousness
Mental and Sensory Illusions
Imagination and Memory
Physical, Psychic, and Spiritual Influence of the Subconscious
Memory and Reasoning of the Subconscious
Psychology and Mysticism
Third Temple Degree
Cosmic Purpose of Life
Rosicrucian Definitions of Living and Non-living Matter
Incarnation of the Soul
Transition of the Soul
Initiatic Aspects of Death
Fourth Temple Degree
Vital Life Force and the Living Soul
Cycles of Life and Constant States of Flux
Time, Space, Infinity and Eternity
Symbols—Natural, Artificial, and Mystical
Sacred Architecture
Fifth Temple Degree

Human Consciousness and Cosmic Consciousness
Rosicrucian Technique of Meditation
Development of the Intuition
Human Aura
Metaphysical Healing
Mystical Sounds
Spiritual Alchemy
First Atrium
Structure and Composition of Matter
Power of Thought
The Creative Power of Visualization
Mental Projection and Telepathy
Law of the Triangle
Second Atrium
Origin of Diseases
Influence of Thoughts on Health
Mystical Art of Breathing
Rosicrucian Healing Treatments
Perception of the Aura
Awakening of the Psychic Consciousness
These art works is a part of new installation. The new system that I designed will improve so many aspects of human life in general as well as give you the opportunity to experience DEEP TRANSFORMATION with MEDITATION. 

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I’d like to introduce myself and let you know about what I am offering in spiritual counseling and intervention that is probably quite unlike anything you have ever experienced.
Over years of doing my own research and have my personal experiences of working
with people as a Healer, I have discovered the amazing and astonishing secret of the human body – the ability to absorb and use the Healing Energy of the Universe. I've conducted many experiments with pyramid structures in order to clarify how this could effect the human body, mind and soul.
I have learned that the pyramids, and devices like the Arkotron, and Parabolic Mirrors and many other sacred geometry objects and structures amplify and direct the Healing Energy of the Universe into the body, helping people to find harmony, health, spiritual joy and happiness in life.
Combining ancient wisdom with modern technology, I was able to figure out the best combination of pyramid structure and other natural stimulus such as visual art, sound and lights to produce the best result in order to achieve harmony in three fundamental elements of human existence- the harmony of body, mind and soul. The latest system that I designed called David's Pyramid. It based on structure of Tore – basic energy element of the Universe.
David's Pyramid helps to bring the positive vibe of Life Forces of the Universe into your body, and that will harmonize your three key elements of existence – the body, mind and soul frequency. The healing Energy will penetrate your DNA structure and rejuvenate, nurture it and repair any damages.

Duration of 1 initial session with David's Pyramid – 15 minutes.

Instructor will explain what to expect during the session, how to focus on your positive frequencies that your body produces, and how to address it to collective consciousness of the Universe.

Suggested time of meditation inside the David's Pyramid – 30 minutes
After your initial session you will learn how to use the Life Forces of the Universe to help to eliminate any issues you could possibly have in regards with your physical health, mental state or spiritual well being. Instructor will direct you at the beginning of every session.

Quantity of suggested sessions – from 6 to 12.

Quantity of sessions depend on present conditions of the client and his/her desire of achievement. Package could be customized accordingly.

Price of one session - $ 60.00 Includes, guided meditation with Vladimir assisting in preparation and short post-session consulting and feedback time.

* All shared information is confidential and will not be used by Vladimir or Dientra without written consent of the Client.

Combining ancient wisdom with modern technology is a simple, yet profound tool for channeling life force energy directly from the zero point fields. The David's Pyramid System that I designed, has been activated with charging by Tesla energy coil, the energy which s the fabric of the Universe, or the ground state of your quantum mechanics, your physical existence in form oh Human Being. That means your vibrations/frequency that you create during your life should stay in tuned with the Universe vibrations.
This ‘Divine Energy or Life Forces’ has only recently been accepted by the global science community.
I am proud to be the one, who can bring this amazing discovery to you. I am committed to helping people to experience amazing results by providing them the opportunity to achieve

the Ultimate Harmony and Balance with the Universe.
Please, check this page periodically and follow the progress report.

Master Vlad

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The DiEnTra System, which is the abbreviation for Divine Energy Transmitter, is a powerful device created for helping people achieve harmony--within them and with the Universe. Focusing the free energy of the Universe, which is circulating everywhere, has significant and abundant benefits for the human body, mind and soul. By directing this energy into the body or the water we drink, the DiEnTra System resets the whole human body to a renewed default stage, in which you will feel like you have been cleansed and washed to the point of being reborn again: fully restored and rejuvenated.

Spiritual journey with Divine Power of the Universe. DiEnTra System, healing energy treatment. Free energy of the Universe.
The DiEnTra System has been developed according to ancient scripts, which originated from Egypt, Russia and Israel. With a more modern scientific approach and some modifications, I was able to refine it so that you can experience it today. It consists of three basic elements – a Giza Great Pyramid model, Arkatron and Parabolic mirrors. Before the whole system has been introduced to public, it was charged and activated with a Nikola Tesla coil - 3 million volts of electrical power.
The device works as an antenna, receiving and transmitting free energy from the Universe into any object that is sitting inside the pyramid, whether it is organic or not. The recipient of the energy carries this positive energy within itself for several hours or days, sometimes even weeks.

Spiritual journey with Divine Power of the Universe. DiEnTra System, healing energy treatment.
The human body’s reaction to such treatment is amazing in many aspects. The free energy will penetrate your body deep into the DNA level and help to restore levels of health or repair any kind of energy impairment within the body. It can bring your whole system to a renewed, state of harmony.
When you have even a 15-20 minute experience in the DiEnTra System, you will feel relaxed, recharged and rejuvenated. This positive effect will remain within the body for up to the next several days after the session, occurring as a result of field frequencies becoming synchronized with the Universe’s frequencies. The human body and the Universe realign as connected, harmonious entity. The free energy created by the DiEnTra System will bring your whole system into an optimized state. Experience the freedom of love from the Above, the Universe ultimate harmony and power of Divine Energy.

Healing energy art, Dientra System, Pyramid powerHealing Energy Art Project just became a part of healing energy treatments, and it brings powerful positively charged energy vibes to all viewers around. Please, joint us and spread the words about this wonderful opportunity of getting the new experience with Healing Energy Art.

Feel free to call or write to us with any questions

Our lifetimes in these bodily vehicles are relatively short. At some time we recognize the wisdom in being open to new ways of finding, trusting and practicing ways of being more genuinely powerful. This includes doing things for yourself that help you spend more and more of your time being calm, loving, and trusting and in harmony with the Universe. Doing well for others raises your energy and consciousness, and that is a humanity.
Treating yourself kindly enhances your vibration and it is a gift to the world. Progressively claiming harmony of body, mind and soul is the claiming of your true power. Our mission at DiEnTra System is to provide our clients with new options and possibilities that most people are too stuck to openly consider.
Experiencing the DiEnTra System for you is the next step in opening up new possibilities of a more harmonious, relaxed, grounded way of living. Your first experience of the DiEnTra System is offered without cost or obligation of any kind. Please briefly review the videos and testimonials on the next pages here, and then call today to schedule it. What a gift to your Self!

Spiritual journey with Divine Power of the Universe. DiEnTra System, healing energy treatment.
P.S. If you have any specific questions about any medical matter you should consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider. If you think you may be suffering from any medical condition you should seek immediate medical attention. You should never delay seeking medical advice, disregard medical advice, or discontinue medical treatment because of information on this website.
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